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Sony NEX-F3 Digital Camera Review

The new NEX-F3 certainly keeps up with the Sony's family tradition of strong video performance.

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Sony's line of mirrorless NEX cameras always seem capable of putting up good numbers on our video tests, and the new NEX-F3 certainly keeps up with the family tradition. The NEX-F3 has some excellent video attributes, including a strong set of manual controls, AVCHD and MP4 HD recording, and multiple frame rate options (60i, 24p, and 30p). Video performance wasn't jaw-dropping, but at times the quality was on par with that of a high-end consumer camcorder.

Motion & Sharpness

The Sony NEX-F3 had some small issues with our motion test, though nothing out of the ordinary for a camera of this type. Its images still weren’t very sharp, but there was very little artifacting visible in the final image in our motion test. We did notice some trailing and ghosting, and a slight bit of signal interference, but that was right in line with what we’d expect from an entry level compact system camera. It doesn’t match up to a prosumer camcorder, however.