Kodak Zx1 Camcorder Review

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The Kodak Zx1 ($149.95 MSRP) represents another addition to the growing market of ultra-compact budget camcorders that record HD video. While the current market is dominated by Pure Digital's Flip line of camcorders, products like the Kodak Zx1 and Sony Webbie HD camcorders offer their own unique designs, settings, and features—all in an attempt to produce a simple video recording experience.

The Kodak Zx1 is an attempt at rugged versatility with its water-resistant design, still photography capability, and multiple frame rate recording all packed into a pocket-sized body. The camcorder also offers a practical design: instead of including a gimmicky pop-out USB arm, the Zx1 offers well-protected ports that include an HDMI output, USB, AV-out, and an SD/SDHC card slot. Of course, with its ambiguous buttons and confusing interface, the Zx1 also has some major design flaws. Still, if you're in the market for an ultra-compact, and you want to check out something besides a Flip, the Kodak Zx1 is a worthy option.

The Kodak Zx1 is currently available in blue, pink, yellow, black, or red varieties. Kodak also makes the Zi6, which has nearly identical video performance to the Zx1, but offers a slightly different design.

Update: The Flip UltraHD was ultimately selected as our 2009 Ultracompact Camcorder of the Year. To see why we selected it and read about our other awards, check out the 2009 Select Awards.

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