JVC Everio GZ-HD300 Camcorder Review

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This year, JVC is focusing more on mid-range HD models than other manufacturers. While Sony, Panasonic, and Canon all introduced new top-of-the-line products, JVC spent most of its marketing attention on the Everio GZ-HD300 and GZ-HD320—two camcorders that both cost under $800. The demand for affordable high definition video is on the rise and the GZ-HD300 seems to be JVC's answer. It's incredibly compact and easy to use, but lacks all the bells and whistles of the $1000+ competition. In the testing labs, the HD300 outperformed the competition in some areas, but fell behind in others.

At a price of only $700, the JVC GZ-HD300 is a decent little high definition camcorder. It can't come close to the performance offered by more expensive models from other manufacturers, but it's a simple—and adequate—entry-level model. By forgoing the powerhouse performance, alternate frame rates, robust manual controls, and extra connectivity, you can save yourself some valuable money. The HD300 also has one thing that many other similarly priced camcorders lack: a 60GB internal hard drive. If you're shopping for a camcorder in this price range, you'll simply have to decide whether simplicity and affordability outweigh the few sacrifices you'll need to make.

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