Cameras being used at the Beijing Olympics

An all HD 2008 Olympics in Beijing There is some great footage coming out of this year\'s Beijing Olympic games. No surprise since Beijing is the first Olympic game to be recorded and broadcast entirely with HD systems. I wanted to know what cameras were using to capture that HD footage. In particular, I wanted to know how they caught some of the more spectacular footage of divers plunging into the water and arrows flying at targets. I also wanted to compare shots grabbed by the big expensive cameras uses by the networks and some of the better prosumer footage being grabbed by spectators sitting on the sidelines. So I went looking for details. Here is what I have found so far... Primary Chinese News Gathering Cameras Thompson cameras: 425 LDK 8000 mk II WorldCam cameras 42 LDK 8300 3X slow motion Sportscams 60 LDK 8000 2X slow motion SportCams. 15 Infinity DMC1000 HD camcorders Panasonic Cameras: P2HD AJ-HPX2100 AJ-HPX3000 Robotic God\'s Eyes Many of the more interesting shots are being captured by specialized robotic rigs. These are designed by Garrett Brown or Camera Corps Robotic cameras include: MobyCam Divecam Flycam BullsEyeCam Primary News Gathering Cameras used by NBC PDW-700 cameras Sony HDC-1400 studio cameras HDC-3300 3x Super Slow Motion cameras No Citizen Videographers Allowed in Beijing